Meet our team-Part 1 Berry

The coming time we will introduce some of our team to you. Today we start with Berry van Dien. Berry is been working eight years at Esveco. He starts as an order manager and now works as an account manager for four years.

How would you describe your job?
“I will make sure that the questions of the customer, the offers, will be responded by all possible means of which we could make it. I always try to do that as good as possible for the customer. And also to bind customers and show them we are the best at making several special print items.”

What do you like the most of your job?
“The contact with the customer, talking with each other. It doesn’t be always commercial, but sometimes also the jokes you make with each other. In my opinion that is the part of my job I like most, to try to bond with the customer. And to create something with each other and searching for solutions. I really want that they think, we have to call Berry, because then it will always be possible to find a good solution.”

How would you describe yourself?
“I am a ‘people person’, I need people around me to share my enthusiasm. I like it to have a little conversation with people, not only at my own department, but with everyone. Because you also need conviviality at your work. And that is what I try to put into my work at a professional but also at my own way.”

Is that the most important thing for you in the contact with people?
“Yes, I just like it to be always myself. So when someone calls me, you will always get Berry on the phone. And not a character, not someone who has to search for words, not someone who needs to think about how he has to lead a conversation. No I just pick up the phone and I am on. And that is Berry, who you get at that way and otherwise not. I never pretend me otherwise than who I am. That are also the most important things, being reliable and honest and deliver quality.”

And what is your opinion about Esveco and the products we make?
“We make just extraordinary things, specialistic things, with which you can’t go to a regular printing house. And that is what I like the most at our company. But actually everything that has to do with codes, mixed, with data or special print items just has to come from us. I really find that for example every scratch card has to come from us.”

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Berry van Dien
Berry van Dien
Account Manager