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“My name is Wim Siemerink. I’m 52 years old and I live in Rijssen, a small town located in the east of the Netherlands better known as Twente. I prefer to work partly from home and partly at Molenaarsgraaf. I like the variety since working in the West of the Netherlands gives me the advantage of being close to the West and Belgium while working from home gives me easy access to the East and Germany. I’m married with Carla and we have two adopted children from Colombia, Daisy who is 19 years old and Sebastian who is 16 years old.”

How long have you worked at Esveco?

“I have been working at Esveco since 1 February 2017, so 4,5 years in total. In the past, I have worked in the graphic/communication sector such as printing houses, packaging companies, and advertising agencies. I started as a printer, and after that, I did sales internally, externally and business development. Furthermore, I used to have my own company that sold sustainable promotional products and I also had a foundation that imported fair-trade products from third world countries.”

How would you describe your work at Esveco?

“In my current job at Esveco I’m mainly focused on establishing a new business and I am always looking out for new clients and markets. At Esveco we work a lot for businesses such as lotteries, print management, and loyalty companies. It is important to us that the products we produce are as sustainable as possible and that they can activate people. Making our product interactive motivates people to certain actions such as collecting something, filling in a code, or opening a little window in an advent calendar. These days, we work together with more and more international parties for bigger and more complex productions. All the products are made in-house at our main production location in the Netherlands.”

What do you like the most of your job?

“What I like about my job is that I get the freedom to make independent decisions. In addition, I appreciate that every day I get to work together with a group of talented and highly skilled individuals. Together we form a strong and proactive team. Besides that, I like the opportunities my job offers, such as the opportunity to travel and explorer new environments. Meeting new people and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds gives me a lot of joy. And perhaps I can also bring a little bit of common sense from Twente to Esveco.

I’m  proud of what we have achieved at Esveco. We make innovative products at Esveco. If we look at the magnitude and complexity of the productions and the strong growth of the past few years, we can be very proud of ourselves. We are proud of the fact that we as a relatively small family company may produce such beautiful products for big international companies

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