Corporate Social Responsibility

Esveco is constantly working on taking its responsibility based on the Corporate Social Responsibility for the future. Starting with the colleagues working at Esveco, they are an important factor which is helping us to determine the choices with regards to our business operations. With an eye for people as a social individual, but driven by the content to reach our goal. It needs no explanation that we have a great responsibility for the environment. By limiting the burden on the environment, we bear our responsibility. Our location is surrounded by the beauty of mother nature.

Sustainability is not only specifically attributed to green energy or consciously dealing with people, or the environment. Sustainable profit also provides local blooming and social/financial security for anyone connected in his/her own way to Esveco. We are working on a safe, healthy, enjoyable, transparent and environmentally friendly surrounding for employees and other stakeholders.

We are maintaining the following objectives among others:

  • Efficient use of raw materials and resources
  • Focusing on sustainability in production, energy and other resources
  • Reducing adverse environmental impacts as much as possible
  • Further developing a green production chain
  • Using biological ink as much as possible.
  • Separating waste and having it recycled as much as possible
  • Using FSCĀ® certification in order to contribute to responsible forest management.
  • Use green energy, if possible, generated by our own solar systems
  • Encouraging and giving the opportunity to develop internally
  • Ensure a healthy working environment for our employees

Esveco has the following certifications;

  • Color management according to: ISO 12647-2
  • Forrest Council (FSCĀ®):  SKH-COC-000358

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