Technical creativity for custom paper solutions

How to attract and bond your customers? With the right creativity, the power of paper is still unrivalled. Whenever you are looking for something extraordinary, let Esveco surprise you with the creation of a unique promotion product. We specialize in scratch-off & other special inks, numbering & coding and spot gluing, die cutting & folding capabilities. Thanks to our technical creativity we can play around with different (hidden) layers of information and all kinds of odd and non-flat (2½D)  shapes, helping you to create a unique product that attracts  your customer´s attention and loyalty. 

For al your special needs and queries we can help you out in designing and engineering your custom solution! You are welcome to challenge us!

Specialized facilities for printing industry

Printing houses hire our sophisticated technical facilities to perform specialized operations related to coding, numbering & personalization and the application of scratch-off inks. They benefit from our hybrid line, integrating offset, flexo and inkjet techniques, that can process materials from thin plastic to thick cardboard. We can perform all these operations on a large format sheet level (72 cm x 104 cm). A  growing number of package and label printing houses is contracting Esveco for this kind of operations, as packages have become an important carrier of promotional actions for the FMCG segment. 

In addition our spot gluing capabilities in combination with our die cutting, embossing and folding techniques provide printing houses with finishing capabilities that enable them to offer outstanding products to their customers. Naturally we can also take care of the complete production.

Expert in promotion scratch cards for retail & FMCG

Within it’s broad range of products, Esveco really stands out in the production of promotional scratch cards. We have optimized our technical facilities for large volume, in line hybrid production of a wide variety of scratch-off applications. This has resulted in an efficient and secured production process.  As such, we are one of Europe’s foremost producers of these widely appreciated promotional products.

And what is more, Esveco can help you in setting up a smart game mechanism that engages participants over the entire gaming period by building up suspense to keep the prospect of winning alive and active. Resulting from its roots in the production of Bingo tickets and lottery games, this expertise can be applied to different kinds of promotional games and products.

Outstanding products for brand & direct marketing

Look for proven products to boost your promotional campaigns, like game & playing cards, POS material and Direct Mailing products. Many retailers, consumer and business brands use these products to increase traffic and loyalty, introduce new products, invite customers for events, engage customers in brand activities etc. All our technical capabilities can be applied to the products, like, coding, numbering & personalization, scratch-off and other special inks and spot gluing, die cutting and folding.

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