Space Jam stickerpacks

We are proud to present the Space Jam stickerpack and trays that we have produced for UNGA. These could have been collected at Bilka, Føtex and BR. These stickerpacks are made from FSC® certified paper. The special thing of this stickerpack is that there is an extra sticker inside the stickerpack that becomes visible when the stickerpack is opened. The stickers can be pasted into a matching collecting album. Beside that the extra sticker has also another special detail. After removing the sticker from the card you could put the side of the card where the sticker is removed from, on a lightbox and you could trace the lines on another paper from the image at the card.

kwartetkaarten Taco Mundo

The possibilities of the Stickerpack

The stickerpack is a product that is common used for various purposes. For instance you could use the stickerpack to respond to an actual theme like a (children's) series just like in this case. Another option is to use the stickerpack as football cards for a campaign to support a local football club or to respond to (inter)national football event like the World Championship of football.

Beside that it is also possible to add an insert like a tattoo or a card to a stickerpack. We also have the opportunity to produce matching trays to make it easier to give away the stickerpacks at the checkouts. Do you want us to produce the stickerpack with a special mixing or to let us mix the cards random? That is also possible. Curious about the other possibilities we have? Please contact us!

kwartetkaarten Taco Mundo