8 tips for submitting your files

Why is it important to deliver the documents as good as possible? When documents are directly usable, you (and we) could save a lot of time. Also you could prevent that the order will get unnecessary delay. So in this blog we will give you 8 tips to help you to deliver the documents as good as possible.

  • Check if the PDF is build in CMYK, possibly supplemented with PMS colours, and check if there are no more elements in RGB.
  • Examine the black text and black elements and check if they are build of only black and not build of multiple CMYK colours.
  • Check if the used fonts are enclosed in the PDF (u could also deliver the fonts beside the documents if you doubt).
  • Watch if the format and the bleed (minimal 2 mm) are good.
  • Keep an eye on the texts and make sure they stand 2mm off the border.
  • Put the die-cut, kiss-cut or perforation lines, in a PMS colour in a different layer and put them on overprint (so they won’t get in the print image).
  • Products with data: The file must be delivered as a text file. It only contains the necessary information and does not have any extra columns, blank lines or rules with information.
  • Products with scratch-off: Put the shapes with scratch-off in a PMS colour on overpressure in the PDF, or deliver the scratch-off layer in a separate PDF file.

If you check this points before you deliver your documents, u could prevent the most common mistakes, what could save you (and us) later in the process a lot of time. For more tips about deliver requirements and for delivering scratch and code- cards watch: https://bit.ly/2YCGY8W

Do you have any questions about this tips or do you have other questions? Please contact us!

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Patrick van Bezooijen
Patrick van Bezooijen
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