At this way you could make the difference with QR codes!

In this blog we will explain which points are important with making QR codes. Beside that we will show you which opportunities you have when you make a QR code, and we will tell you which points you have to consider when you want to apply QR codes at your print design.

What is a QR code?

QR stands for “Quick Response”. Which a QR code you could very easy lead your target group to your website, a specific webpage, an action page or a social media page. But nowadays QR codes are also used to give more information about for example an event, an action, as coupon or to show a menu digital.


When you want to make a QR code it is important to think about the kind of print design you would use. So you could choose to use unique QR codes. At unique QR codes, which we could generate for you, usually they made use of the standard black variant of the QR code to apply them the best to the print design. You could use unique QR codes at for example infinity cards, stickerpacks and cardpacks. Hereby you could through a range of unique QR codes every sticker or every card give an own URL. Hereby leads every QR code to a specific URL which is apply for that card or that sticker.

Create your own QR code

Most people known the QR code as the basic variant. Whereby they think about a big black obvious block, which not always matches with the design of the print design. Actually did you know nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to (let) design QR codes in your own style? And that you could have influence at the format of the QR code?

Format QR code

Firstly it is good to know that the length of the link behind the QR code is determinative for the minimal format of the QR code. The QR code must place at a specific format at the print to stay scannable. How longer the URL, the more blocks the QR code will have and the smaller this blocks will be. Through link a short(er) URL to the QR code the blocks will be bigger and you could place the QR code smaller at your print design then a QR code with a large QR code and small blocks. At the pictures below you could see an example of a QR code with a short link (left) and a QR code with a large link (right).If you want to be shore that it is possible that you could place the QR code at the size you want at your print, it is possible we could test this for you at the machine.

foto 1 copy 

Colours in your QR code

Besides that you could have influence at the minimal format of your QR code, you have in most situations also the possibility to change the colour of the QR code. There are a lot of websites where you could generate your QR code for free or for a fee. Hereby you could give the whole QR code a colour or you could choose to give specific parts of the QR code a colour. If you don’t want to give your QR code a colour, you could also choose to let us generate your unique QR codes. At the pictures below you could see a few examples of the possibilities you have when you want to change the colour of your QR code.

foto 2 copy

Adding an image or logo

Another option is to add your logo or an image to the QR code. These can be placed in the middle of the QR code. Hereby you could think about your own logo, but you could also place a picture or a text which shows the consumer what to do with the QR code. So you could add the text “scan me” or a social media icon to show what the intention of the QR code is and where the QR code leads to. Hereby we also have the opportunity to print the QR codes with a variable image. Hereby it is important that the images all have the same size.

foto 2 copy


The shape of the whole QR code can not be changed because the QR code has to be recognizable for the mobile phone. There are namely a few elements in a QR code of which the mobile phone could understand that it is a QR code. But there are possibilities to design the space around the QR code whereby it seems the QR code has a special shape.

Basically there are various ways to design a QR code as you wish and add them to your print design. Curious about the possibilities to make your own unique QR code for your print design? Please contact us!


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