Delivery requirements scratch and codecards

Scratch and codecards have been used for decades to surprise and activate consumers. They have been successful product for many years and keep being used in promotions. However, these products have some special requirements when it comes to delivering the files. We’ll list them for you down below.

Delivery requirements for cards with a scratchlayer

Whenever you want a scratch layer on your final product, it is required to provide us with two separate Certified-PDF files. The first file solely contains the press-work and the second file exclusively contains the scratch layer. The file with the scratch layer has to meet the following requirements:

  • The scratch-layer document has the same dimensions as the press-work document
  • The pdf is exported within the Esveco – Sheet CMYK settings
  • The image of the scratch layer is 100% black
  • The scratch surfaces are always 0,5 mm bigger than the image beneath it.
  • Kraskaart

Delivery requirements unique code files

In the case of unique code files we also have some requirements for delivery.  First, the file must be delivered as a text file. It only contains the necessary information and does not have any extra columns, blank lines or rules with information.

Whenever there is a subdivision (e.g. affiliate specific) a distribution file must be provided with the specifications. It is required the number of bundles for each affiliate can be divided by the size of the entire bundle. This distribution file will be delivered with Excel. When you are using affiliate specific codes it is required the code has a prefix for each affiliate. For example, the first three characters of the corresponding affiliate are all the same.

If there is no subdivision involved in the code file we request to  deliver about 10% more codes than the requested  quotation. We do this to prevent problems whenever outages occur. When we generate a code file we always exclude the next characters: A E I L O Q U V X, the numbers 0 and 1 and all lowercase letters. We do this to make sure it can be easily read and to prevent any foul language.


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