Esveco; CO2 neutral at order level

Esveco; CO2-neutral at single-order level !!!

Many organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable production methods. Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important within the graphic industry.

In general, this idea of ​​sustainability is translated into company-wide activities and initiatives that contribute to a better living environment. Definitely a good development, but how measurable is the contribution of, for example, starting to use green energy on a company's CO2 footprint? And more importantly, how do these general initiatives translate into concrete (limitation of) environmental impact of your own specific print order? Interesting questions to which Esveco is happy to answer.  But as you are used to from us; we just really go one step further. How do we do that? Read on quick !

Since February 2022, Esveco has achieved another milestone; In addition to FSC, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001, we are now also officially ClimateCalc certified! According to the independent auditor, Esveco therefore meets all certification requirements associated with the Carbon Footprint calculation method of the internationally recognized International Association ClimateCalc. This assessment will be repeated every year, of course always based on updated data.

ClimateCalc is a web application designed to calculate the exact CO2 footprint per individual order or individual product within a combination order. That calculation is therefore based on independently tested and approved parameters (such as, for example, the environmental impact of the paper used in your order). Based on the detailed specifications of the product to be ordered, our account and order managers can calculate exactly how much CO2 is released during your production. So no general CO2 calculation, but the exact footprint of this product.

Based on this data, Esveco can of course also help you to  compensate this footprint. This means that your ordered product is officially produced 100% CO2-neutral! So no general slogan about the sustainability of your printer, but demonstrably compensating for your own product on an individual level and thus producing 100% CO2-neutral. How much more durable do you want it to be?

Esveco currently supports two recognized programs for the compensation of CO2, namely Trees for All (planting trees and forests) and FairClimateFund (being able to cook cleanly on biogas in India). Our account managers are able to quickly calculate the CO2 footprint based on the specifications of your printed product (and provide you with an officially recognized data sheet) as well as make a proposal for compensation.

You will receive an official certificate as proof of the compensated CO2 emissions. You can of course also nominate your own recognized desired program.

With the certification via ClimateCalc, Esveco shows once again that we take sustainability very seriously throughout the company. We bear our responsibility by limiting the burden on the environment and the surrounding area. In addition, we are now able to calculate and offset that impact at order level; reliable and independently. 

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Erik den Ouden
Erik den Ouden
Chief Commercial Officer