Holography in graphic products?

Graphic products with holography are becoming increasingly topical. A technique par excellence to grow your activating promotional item with a special appearance. At Esveco we are increasingly applying this technology in activating and loyalty-stimulating projects from our clients. Time for some backgrounds.

What is holography?

Holography is a way to create a three-dimensional image of an object, using a flat surface in the form of a photographic film or sensor, or an engraved structure. By viewing the image from different angles, the flat image appears to change so that the impression of a spatial, three-dimensional image exists. However, the image does not really exist, but is represented by places where light is present and by places where less or no light is present. The result can only be viewed from a limited angle. See the photos to illustrate.

Where does holography come from?

The pioneering work in holography research was done by Polish physicist Mieczysław Wolfke. In 1920 he devised a method for splitting the imaging process into two separate phases. In 1948 Dennis Gabor, a Hungarian scholar, devised a method to capture an object in three dimensions with the help of a special kind of light. In the absence of that special light - nowadays generated with a laser - the development failed. In 1960 the American physicist Theodore Maiman built the first working laser. A laser produces light of only one color (monochromatic), which also has the same phase and is therefore coherent. In 1962 the Americans Upatnieks and Leith successfully made the first hologram with the help of the laser. In 1971, Gabor received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery. From that moment on, holography is also processed in a variety of graphic applications.

How can you apply a hologram in customer-activating tools?

Holograms are frequently used to guarantee the authenticity and professionalism a (promotional) item. For example, holograms appear on bank cards, bank notes, software packages, etc. This method is used because holograms are difficult to copy. So holograms can be used to accentuate the originality and authenticity of the product. Esveco is increasingly applying this technology to our specific customer activating products. We are able to incorporate a hologram into your promotion. With this the product gains in appearance, authenticity and attention value. In the customer-activating concepts as Esveco puts them on the market (in particular in the form of card packs, sticker packs or the hybrid form of both), a hologram in the expression is increasingly perceived by our clients as added value.

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