Sustainable give-away in Retail


Plastic give-aways used by large food retailers in their collectible and loyalty campaigns have come under a much higher level of scrutiny in recent times, especially from the media. This negativity stems from the harmful effects these plastic premiums could have on small children and the environment. Using plastic in loyalty campaigns is often considered an archaic practice. Social media is especially rife with negative messages about the common usage of plastic by the larger retailers.

More and more steps are taken by the (EU) government in order to curb the usage and abundance of plastic. Plastic banned are outright banned or highly discouraged, plastic straws should be replaced by paper straws etc. Non-governmental environmental organisations also harshly criticise the abundance of plastic premiums. With more sustainable alternatives available than ever before, the world is fighting to reduce its reliance on plastic.

Paper-based printed products such as sticker packs, card packs and advent calendars are some examples of a sustainable alternative for retailers to use in their loyalty campaigns. The printing industry has been working with environmentally sustainable methods for many years now. This desire for sustainability has resulted in the formation of the FSC® in 1993. The FSC® license indicates that the raw materials used in the production of paper products are sourced from forests that are managed responsibly. Additionally, Cradle to Cradle inks have also gained in popularity. Cradle to Cradle means that the raw materials are 100 percent recyclable without losing any of their value.

How can your organisation source your raw materials responsibly?

  1. By having a sustainable procurement policy. In order to buy materials responsibly, the environmental effects and the social aspects need to be taken into account next to the price.
  2. By working with certified sustainable companies. Only these companies can give you the best advice regarding sustainable products.
  3. By communicating and being proud! The more people that are acting and thinking sustainably, the better!

Esveco Specialties BV has positioned sustainability as one of company’s most important pillars. By producing sticker packs that are highly biodegradable and by reducing the waste of the premiums to a minimum, we are contributing to a better environment. Esveco Specialties BV is a certified FSC® company and can print your products with Cradle to Cradle inks. We create and produce successful and sustainable collectible and loyalty campaigns which excite our customers whilst making the world a little greener.

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Berry van Dien
Berry van Dien
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