Use sustainability in your campaign

Do you also think it is important that your campaign is produced sustainable? At Esveco sustainability has a high priority. At this blog we will show a view points that will conduce at the sustainability of your campaign or promotional products.


You can choose to let us produce your promotional product according to the FSC® guidelines. FSC® is short for Forest Stewardship Council and is an international independent quality mark. With the FSC® quality mark you are guaranteed that the paper is coming from  responsibly managed forests.

Sustainable production

Beside using sustainable material it is of course also important that the promotional product is produced as sustainable as possible. At Esveco we try to do everything to produce as sustainable as possible. A view examples are:


One of the points that plays an important part of sustainable production is the using of energy. At Esveco we are self-sufficient in energy because of our solar panels on our roof. Hereby we are avoiding such an 200 thousand kilo C02 emissions per year.


Also it is good to look at the possibilities to recycle. Through recycle or reuse residual products, it get a second life as product or material. At Esveco we collect our emty cartridges for years for a recycle program, hereby the gainings is for a charity.


The term ISO is standing for International Organisation for Standardization. ISO is an organisation who records standards, values and guidelines for products, services and systems. With an ISO certification a company can prove that they work according to the guidelines of the international law and regulations. At Esveco we are official certified for both ISO 9001-2015 (quality) and ISO 14001-2015 (environment).


Didn’t you decide which sustainable promotional product you want to use? You could think about a stickerpack or a cardpack. Through using efficient techniques at the production, we could reducing the waste to a minimum.  This makes both the stickerpack and the cardpack as an ideal product to insert in a sustainable campaign.

Curious about what we also can mean to you to produce your campaign as sustainable as possible? Please contact us!

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