The card pack is a commonly used tool in loyalty programmes. By using collectable mixed cards in your marketing strategy you can increase the traffic to your store. With minimal waste per product the card pack is highly suitable to be used as a sustainable give-away.

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The same techniques used in the production of sticker packs is used for our card packs. A variety of special prints can be used in the card packs to create a unique and playful effect. Scratch and sniff, thermal ink, and other scratch inks are just a few of the possibilities we offer at Esveco. Furthermore, the incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can be used in order to increase the success of your collectable promotion.

Inserts in cardpacks

You could add diverse collectables to a cardpack to bring your loyalty campaign under the attention of your target group. For example you could think about a card, a tattoo, a flippo, a coin, a minibookpack or a seed sachet that could stick into a cardpack.

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