A/B testing at print

A/B testing is commonly used by online marketing, but did you know you could also use A/B testing by print design? Do you already use it?

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a way to check if the changes you make have a possitive effect on the response of your campaign. With A/B testing you actually make two versions of your promotional tool. One version is the original version, the other variant has a little adjustment. Through measure the results of both versions, you could test if it’s effective to insert the changes in your next campaign.

Apply A/B testing on print

With A/B testing at print, you could let print several variants of your print design. For example you could split the receivers in two equal parts, at which one part receive variant A and the other part receive version B. Or you could select a view testreceivers who get version B,  while the other receivers get the original variant.

What could you test?

There are a lot of things you could test with A/B testing. You could think about using another kind of ink, changing your design or using another kind of paper / paper thickness.


U could test a lot of changes in your design. You could choose to change the tekst or you could change or add an image. But you could also choose to make a version with another die-cut.


Another option you could test with A/B testing is using another type of ink. Does this kind of ink affect at the response of your campaign? You could think about adding scratch-off, or changing a silver scratch-off into a golden or fullcolour scratch-off. Also you could think about adding glitter polish, gloss ink or scented ink to give the product an extra dimention.

Measure A/B testing

When you choose for A/B testing of course you would know how to measure the results of the A/B testing. You could do this for example through adding a different QR-code and measure which one convert the best. Another option is to make a scratch card or code card and add a link to your website or webshop at each variant, of through link a different action code to every version. At the moment that one trackinglink is visited more, or when an action code is filled in more than another action codes, you know which version has an higher response.

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