Personalized print, how could you insert this optimal?

In recent years, more and more use has been made of personalized printing or a personalized mailing campaign. This is also called variable data printing (VDP).

Personalizing of print has many advantages. For example people will feel more attracted when they receive print that is tailored to them. Hereby people are more inclined to respond at a personalized campaign, then on a campaign that is not personalized.

Name and address details

With personalizing you could for example think about name and address details. So you could print the name and address details at your print, in order to then be able to send the printed matter directly to the recipient. Also you could use the name and address details to segmenting and based on that make a view variants of the print design. Hereby you could for example select at residence, whereby a receiver from residence A receives a copy that is a little bit different than the copy of a receiver from residence B.

Salutation and closing

You could also target your mailing or print to the receiver using a personalized salutation. Instead of “Dear sir / madam” the receiver will be directly addressed with a first name or a title that is appropriate with the receiver. Also here you could address the receiver based on an address or residence.


A common used variant of variable data is using a code. Hereby you could think about a code card of a scratch card, where there is a scratch layer over the code.

Images and logo’s

Besides variable text there is also the opportunity to use a variable image or logo. Hereby you could use images that appeal the receiver. For example by using images from the neighbourhood of the receiver, or by adding images about the interest of hobbies of the receiver.


There are a lot of print variants where you could insert variable data printing. Examples of products that you could use as personalised print are: a code card, a cracker, an advent calendar, a scratch card or a break-open ticket. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of variable data printing? Please contact us!

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