Hunkemöller scratch cards

Óne of the scratch cards we have made is the scratch card of Hunkemöller. A scratch card with an unique code with up there a scratch layer. This scratch card also contains an detachable coupon with an unique barcode. This coupon could handed in by the next purchase for extra discount. Because you couldn’t see the amount of the discount at the coupon, it remained extra exciting for the consumer to hand in the coupon at the next purchase.

At this action there is made use of data to measure the effect of the campaign. For example every branch, where the scratch cards are given away, had an own unique database with codes thereby it was possible to collect regional data (store tracking). So through using this data it became visible at which branch the action went well and at which branch not. Using this data gave also the benefit that the client at a next campaign could anticipate on it, through for instance divide the scratch cards different about the branches or through promote the action more at branches where the action didn’t went well. Beside that the scratch card is also often used to collect data, for instance an email address and the dispense retail location of the scratch card, and use these data in (branch specific) email marketing.

Possibilities scratch card

The scratch card is an common used product for action marketing campaigns. We offer a lot of possibilities to adjust the scratch card to your wishes. For example it is possible to change the format, the position of the scratch layer and the shape of the scratch card to your wishes. Also it is possible to make the scratch card with an extra layer in both black and colour.

Furthermore it is possible to make the print behind the scratch layer completely variable. Hereby you could think about an unique code, a barcode, a QR code, an unique personalisation or a variable image. Beside that we are specialised in mixing the scratch cards and we could deliver these in predetermined sets or mix them random.

Have you become excited about the scratch card or do you want to know which possibilities we have anymore? Please contact us!