Hunkemöller scratch cards

For one of our customers specialised in generating consumer data we have produced scratch cards with a double action mechanism.

The main objective of the campaign was to acquire as much customer data as possible in a limited period of time. Another objective was to generate additional traffic in the chain store shops.

For this whe have produced a scratch card with an additional tear off coupon, the top part containing a unique code hidden under a scratch-off layer and the bottom part containing a uniqe bar code.

Each shop has its own, unique database of codes enabling the acquisition of local data. This also gives immediate information during the campaign about the success rate of each store, enabling the setting in motion of direct action plans to increase the success rate of individual stores, for example by monitoring the distribution.

Customers of the retailer in question receive a scratch card with every purchase and can win a prize by entering the unique card code and some additional information through an online form. The additional tear off coupon can be used in the store in exchange for an additional discount on the next purchase. This discount percentage only becomes clear when the purchased items are scanned at checkout. Not knowing the final discount percentage creates additional excitement for the customer.