Moerdijk cardpack

The Moerdijk cardpack is used in a loyalty program, where there could be spared for a quartet with a local theme. The customers of the participating stores in Klundert, received a cardpack when they spend a certain amount at one of these stores. Each cardpack contains two quartetcards of a hotspot at the municipality Moerdijk.

Possibilities cardpack

These cardpack are made of FSC® qualified paper. The cardpack is an excellent product to insert in a sustainable campaign, because we could produce the cardpack without plastic. The cardpack didn’t need a package, because the cardpack is closed with a tear strip which hold the cards together and from the outside you can’t see which cards are inside. Through tear off the tear strip, you could open the card and detach the cards from each other.

Do you want to let the cardpack stand out more at your target group? Than you could choose to add a special kind of ink to your cardpack, or to a view cards. Hereby you could think about for example a scented ink, a gloss ink, foil print, glitter polish or holo ink. Also you could choose to add an insert like for instance a tattoo at your cardpack.

Beside that we have the possibility to produce matching trays with which the cardpacks can give-out easily. Also it is our speciality to mix the cards, and so keep collecting the cards for the target goal extra exciting and increase the traffic to the stores.

Have you become excited about the cardpack or do you want to know which possibilities we have anymore? Please contact us!

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