Moerdijk cardpack

We have produced these Collectible cardpacks for one of our customers assisting supermarkets’ marketing and sales departments. The objective of this promotion was to achieve an increase in traffic and turnover within a certain period. Collecting an extensive cardpack with a local theme proved to be an excellent tool for this. Customers of the supermarket received a free cardpack for every € 10,00 spent on shopping goods. Besides, customers could additionally buy cardpack cases to keep their cards collection.

The owner of the supermarket expressed the wish for an environmentally friendly product without a plastic wrapper. Dit is why we offered our environmentally friendly Cardpacks. Our Cardpacks are produced with FSC-certified paper and do not require further wrapping.

Tearing off a small paper strip on the outside enables opening the Cardpack and separating the two cards. Therefore no additional wrapping is necessary, which makes it  not only the environment-friendly but also budget-friendly. Our environmentally friendly cardpacks can therefore be produced at a lower cost compared to the loose cards packed in flow packs.

So our customer was supplied with an environmentally friendly collectible cardpacks loyalty campaign without any plastics, and without additional wrapping but produced in a more durableality with a shorter delivery time and at a lower cost price.

Afterwards it appeared that the distribution at the checkout was more efficient due to the  compact sized till trays.

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