Willem II stickerpack

For one of our customers active in the branche of local supermarket promotions, we have produced sticker packs including 4 stickers.

The objective of this promotion was to achieve an increase in traffic and turnover within a certain period. As offering collectable sets of stickers with a football theme has proven to be a winning formula, the supermarket teamed up with a popular local football club.  Customers of the supermarket received a free sticker pack including 4 stickers for every € 10,00 spent on shopping goods. Besides, customers could additionally buy sticker albums for the sticker collection.

The supermarket focuses on sustainability and did not want to make use of any plastics and preferred a product without any wrappings. Therefore we offered our sticker packs. The customer was pleased to find out that our sticker packs are also substantially cheaper than loose stickers in a plastic flow packs. This in combination with the environmental advantages and the shorter delivery time led to an easily persuaded and content customer.

The customer was supplied with an environmentally friendly sticker pack loyalty campaign without any plastics,  without additional wrapping but produced in a thicker quality with a shorter delivery time and at a lower cost price.

The distribution at the checkout turned out to be more efficient due to the compact sized till trays.

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