Willem II stickerpack

The stickerpack is common used as a football card, also at the football cards of Willem II. At this campaign consumers of the Albert Heijn of Tilburg could collect football cards of the football club Willem II. Hereby consumers could spare stickers about the history of Willem II, stickers of the first selection, stickers of the stadium, stickers of the mascot Kingo and stickers of the youth team. There were 4 stickers included in every stickerpack and these stickers could paste into a compilation album.

Possibilities Stickerpack / football cards

The stickerpack is an excellent choice when you are looking for a product to insert in a sustainable loyalty campaign. The stickerpack namely will be produces sustainable, beside that the stickerpack doesn’t need an extra package so the stickerpack could be produced without plastic. Through the smart design of the stickerpack also the waste will be reduced to the minimum.

U also have the possibility to add an insert to your stickerpack. Hereby you could think about for instance a tattoo. Also it is possible to add a special kind of ink to your stickerpack/football card, such as for example a glitterpolish, a scented ink or holo ink, and so give your campaign a little bit extra. You could also choose to let stand out a view stickers with a special kind of ink.

Beside that you could use the stickerpack as a football card. U could insert the stickerpack in an action with football cards for a local football club, but you could also use the stickerpack very well to anticipate on (inter)national football events like the European Championship or the World Championship.

Furthermore we also have the opportunity to produce matching trays what will make it easier to give away the stickerpacks at the checkouts. Also we are specialised in mixing the stickerpacks and so keep it extra exciting for your target goal to collect the stickers, and so increase the traffic to the stores.

Have you become excited about the stickerpack or do you want to know which possibilities we have anymore? Please contact us!

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