12 tips to stand out with a Direct-Mail!

Leaflets, mail, magazines and other brochures and letters. We receive them almost on a daily basis. Despite the further digitization of society, personalized print remains very popular. Upon receival, the recipient quickly scans his mail and decides what fits his interests and what is fit for the shredder. If the message you are trying to deliver does not stand out, you risk your mailing to remain unopened. Obviously, that is something everyone wants to prevent from happening. So how do you make sure your DM catches the eye of the public and ultimately increase your conversion? We listed some practical tips for you to make your DM stand out between the other messages.

  1. Clearly state the goal of the message before creating the message itself. If the goal of the DM is distinct, it is easier to create the right message to achieve that goal. This way, you increase the chance of achieving your desired results.
  2. Personalize your DM. The recipient will feel personally addressed and is more likely to open the DM.
  3. Design a DM with a striking shape or imprint. The average recipient of your DM has seen hundreds of regular cards and will not be too easily persuaded. By getting creative with the shape, creating unusual and unique forms, you increase the chance of your DM being opened. In general, a custom shape flyer is used, giving endless possibilities in the shape and colors.
  4. Also, there are tons of lacquers and coats you can use in a DM to highlight a specific message. You can think of glitter, spot-UV, glow-in-the-dark paint and other highlighting coats.
  5. Use QR-codes or another type of codes in your DM, possibly with a win-element. This way, recipients are more easily persuaded into reacting to your DM and possibly sharing further personal details to get a chance in the give-away.
  6. Make use of break-open cards. This will create the urge to open the tab. It automatically triggers a feeling of curiosity to find out what is beneath it.
  7. Another technique you can use in a DM is that of a slide-card. This card looks a lot more exciting than a regular card raising the chance the recipient will open it.
  8. Use a cracker in your DM. This is a combination of a break-open card and a slide-card. With this card, you can create a ‘hidden message’ behind the different uses of slide- and break-open techniques.
  9. Make your DM sustainable. Prevent the use of any form of plastic and show you contribute to a better and sustainable environment. The first step is to not use a (plastic) wrapping for you DM. It might be possible to use the material of your DM as a form of wrapping, making other wrappings redundant. You can also use of FSC® paper. This is made of wood originated from responsibly managed forests. You can even place this quality mark on your DM.
  10. The lamellae card also is a nice variation of a card to use in your DM. With this card, you can process two messages at the same time with the use of a sliding mechanism. This is a great way to activate and amaze the percipient.
  11. Another nice variation of a DM is a pop-up card . This a card where something pops out when you open it. This is a perfect way to really make your message come to life and surprise your recipients.
  12. To really get the maximum results out of your DM, simultaneously post your message on social media or send an online newsletter. This way, people have several ways to come into contact with your company, increasing the response rate.

Esveco can be your partner into making the variations of DM listed above!

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