Do you already use data driven marketing at your print?

Did you know you could also use data driven marketing at print? For instance you could use a stickerpack or a schratch card as a tool to collect extra data, and so align your marketing even better to your target group.

What is data driven marketing?

Data driven marketing is according to the name, using data to improve your marketing. In other words, through using data smart, you could provide your campaign at the right moment at the target group and adjust perfectly to their wishes and needs.

Benefits of data driven marketing

Data driven marketing has many benefits. So this data could give you a lot of knowledge about your target group if the data is incorporated at the good way. You could for example learn more about who exactly is your target group, what the best way to segment the target group is and at which stage of the customer journey a customer is located. Through anticipate smart at this data, you could adjust your promotional products to the stage of the client, through for instance give doubting clients extra information. Or through sending a scratch card with a discount code to a client who just placed an order, as a retention marketing tool. At this way you could attune your communication tools to (the requirements of) the customer.

Applying data in print

To use data at a meaningful way at your print, it is firstly important that you figure out which purpose you want to reach with the data and which data you need for that purpose. There are namely diverse ways to use data at your print. In the paragraphs below we will explain a view ways how you could insert data driven marketing at your print.

Promotional codes, QR-codes and barcodes

Do you want to use your print to collect more data about your target group? Then there are several codes you could use. Hereby you could for example think about a promotional code at a scratch card, code card, sticker- or cardpack. The receiver can fill in the code on the landing page that you have chosen. Through subsequently at this landing page also ask to for example the email address of a consumer or other data, you could collect more specific data. Also you could choose to make the codes branch specific, so you could also collect branch specific data, through subsequently use this data for store tracking.

Furthermore you could think about using a barcode at a coupon, code card or a gift card, that could be scanned at the checkout at the next visit of an offline store. For instance you could use this to figure out at which branch the action went the best.

Another option is to make use of a (unique) QR-code that the consumer could scan with a mobile phone. Hereby the consumer could be guided easily to the required landing page. Also here you could at this landing page choose to ask additional data to complement your collected data.

A-B testing

Do you want to know what is the best way to reach your target group? Than you could choose to use A-B testing. Hereby you make two (or more) different variants of your promotional product that just differing a little bit. Then you send one variant to a part of the target goal and the other variant(s) to the rest of the target group. So you could see which variant performs better, and could you use this knowledge in a next campaign. Hereby you could for example think about using two different action codes that both reference to another landing page. Through after that look at which variant has the most conversion, you could see which action code performs better.

Personalised print

One of the possibilities to use the collected data is through making use of personalized print. Hereby you use the data that you have collected and adapt the personalised print totally to the receiver, and because it is totally adapted to the receiver, the receiver would be more attracted to the promotional product and the change that the receiver will response at this promotional product is bigger than when the promotional product is not adapted to the receiver.

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