Loyalty programs: 8 tips for a successful reward program

Reward programs have been very popular for years, even now reward programs are still appreciated by consumers. Reward programs are campaigns whereby consumers could spare for instance for a free product or could complete a series (of products). Loyalty programs are often used as a loyalty program to hold regular customers and client acquisition. There are various promotional products you could use for a reward program, for instance a stickerpack, a cardpack or a hybridpackWith these tips, you could improve the chance of success for your campaign.

1: Theme

One of the points that could improve the success of a reward program is to anticipate on a theme that is actual for your target group, for instance an upcoming event or a popular (children’s) movie. For instance you could think of making football cards right before a European Football Championship or the World Championship but you could also choose a local theme.


2: Kids loyalty program

Children are an excellent target group. Most loyalty campaigns are focused on children, because children are mostly very competitive to collect series together, they motivate their parents and environment to participate in the campaign. Especially when classmates also participate in the campaign they will be extra motivated to complete their series. A loyalty campaign could also be used as an educational tool.


3: Experience

It is very important to add experience for a good reward program. Through adding experience, the consumer will be more attracted to the campaign. Experience is an element that become more important the last few years to attract the attention of the target group, to hold their attention and remain relevant and distinctive. To embed this experience you could for example think of adding a special kind of ink.


4: Interaction

It is also important for the consumer to have interactive elements in a campaign. At this way, consumers will be more concerned with the campaign and will spare more loyal. A way to add this interaction is for example using a QR-code at a stickerpack or cardpack. The QR code could for example connected to an app or a website with extra information and can be scanned by the consumer. Furthermore adding a QR-code has also the benefit that the response at the campaign can be measured.

5: Intermediate rewarding

Through intermediate rewarding the consumers will stay stimulated to participate in the loyalty program. That is also one of the benefits of reward programs with stickerpacks and cardpacks. By giving the stickerpack or cardpack when spending a certain amount, the collection will become still a little bigger. This ensures that it will be convenient which part they already have and which part of the collection they still have to collect to complete the collection. Examples to anticipate on this point are campaigns where you could put the stickers from the stickerpack in an album or you could spare for a game with the cards of a cardpack.

6: Balance

For a good reward program, the level of difficulty is a good balance to complete the collection. At the moment, it is too hard to complete the collection, the consumers will drop out more quickly and will not be motivated anymore to participate in the campaign.

However, when it is too easy to complete a collection, the consumer could also lose their motivation to stay loyal. They might think they can finish the collection without remaining loyal, or they might lose interest in the campaign. So it is important to find the right balance to keep consumers motivated. A way to improve the collecting pleasure and keep the consumer motivated to participate in the campaign is for example through let us mix the products. That means that we could distribute the products according to your wishes, and beside that we also offer the opportunity to mix the products random. What makes it extra exciting to explore which stickers and which cards are inside the stickerpacks, cardpacks and hybridpacks.

7: Extras / special editions

Through adding extras or special editions as an insert to a reward program, consumers will stay extra motivated to collect the collection. Especially when there are limited extra’s or special editions available, the consumer would be extra motivated to get these special items. For instance you could choose to make (a part of) the cards or stickers with a special kind of ink like for example a scented ink, and let stand out these stickers of cards. Or you could choose to add an insert to (a part of) the stickerpacks or cardpacks like a tattoo.


8: Stand out

It is important that the loyalty campaign is distinctive compared to loyalty campaigns of competitors and that the loyalty campaign will stand out. The tips listed above could help you to stand out and to remain relevant and distinctive for the consumers. Another possibility to stand out is to choose a different format or a die-cut product.

But you could also choose to combine multiple elements to stand out from other loyalty campaigns. For example, you could for instance choose for a hybridpack, with which the consumer could spare for both stickers and cards.

In addition, we at Esveco are specialized in making unique products and we would like to think along with you about how we could produce the products according to your wishes. Curious about the possibilities to let us produce your loyalty campaign? Please contact us!

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