These are the expected direct mail trends for 2021

Which direct mail trends would we encounter in 2021? These 4 trends we expect anyway to see back in 2021. Which one would you add to your print?

Personalized content

One of the trends that will become more and more important is personalized content. Hereby the database with customer data will be used as optimal as possible to reach the target group. Through aligning the content to the receiver, the receiver would be attracted personally to the content, also the receiver would react more enthusiastic to the campaign then when the campaign isn’t aligned to the receiver. A way to figure out what is the best way to align the content to the receiver is through using A/B testing.



With omnichannel is there made use of multiple channels to reach the target group. Using multiple channels has been a trend for years and will continue to play a major role in marketing campaigns in 2021. Especially now we work more from home, the combination between offline and online channels will become increasingly important to reach your target group at an original way.



Also experience is a trend that will become more and more important. Hereby an extra is added to the promotional product to give the product an extra experience and to stimulate the consumer a little bit extra. For example you could think about adding a special kind of ink to let the print stand out by the target group. For instance you could choose for a scented ink, a scratch-off, a holo ink, a gloss ink or a glitter polish to give your promotional product an extra experience.


Another trend that will become increasingly important is activating the target group. The target group wants to be attracted to the content and wants to induced to conversion. Hereby it is important that the consumer will be stimulated through the promotional product and that it is easy for the consumer to leap into action. Products you for instance could use to let your consumer leap into action are: scratch cards, advent calendar, stickerpacks and cardpacks.

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