With these tips your direct mailing campaign will work even better!

Direct mail is a frequently used way of direct marketing to get the attention of consumers. Beside that it is also a good tool to help you bonding with the receiver. There are multiple types of direct mail, for instance you could think about an e-mail campaign, but you could also think about offline mail in your letterbox. In this blog we will tell you a few benefits of offline direct mail and we will give you some tips to let your direct mail stand out more at your target group.


Direct mail is a common used tool in promotional campaigns and is a good way to get the attention of the receivers. Because generally direct mail will be received more positively and viewed with more attention than mailings send by e-mail. Direct mails by e-mail will be quickly seen as spam and therefore becomes less opened, contrary to offline mailings by post which is often considered reliable. Beside that a lot of people prefer physical mails because they believe that it is easier to read and they appreciate that the message is tangible despite the digitalisation.

Tip 1: Let stand out your direct mail

An offline direct mail is therefore an excellent tool to use. Especially when the mailing is personalised, has a different shape or a special finishing you could provide that the mailing stand out between the post and make the receiver curious to the message of the mailing. At this way you could improve the response of the mailing.

Tip 2: Personalizing

Through personalize the direct mails the receiver will be attracted and earlier be inclined to look at the mailing and to respond. Personalizing is possible through add the name of the receiver, but you could also take a step further. For example you could align the mailing to the hometown, the age group, the interests of the receiver or the type of customer. Through align the design and the message of the mailing to the receiver, you will let the receiver know that you know the receiver and that the mailing is aligned to this receiver.

Tip 3: Use a special shape

Another option to let the direct mail stand out is to die cut the mailing to a shape of your choice. Through using a different shape you could let your mailing shine between the other mailings and the receiver would be extra inclined to watch the mailing and to leap into action.

Tip 4: Add a special kind of ink

Through adding a special kind of ink you could differentiate from competitors with your mailing. For example you could think about scratch ink, scented ink, glitter polish or holo ink.

Direct Mail products

At Esveco we produce various products which are excellent to use for direct mailing. For instance you could think about a scratch card, an infinity card or a break-open-ticket. In the paragraphs below we will clarify a few of these products, at the product page on our website you can find much more products that are suitable for a direct mailing campaign.

Scratch card

The scratch card is a common used product in direct mail campaigns. The scratch card is producible in many forms and formats. Beside that you could also choose for a few kinds of scratch ink. You could choose for a silver scratch layer, which is the common used colour, but you could also choose for a golden or a full colour scratch layer.


A break-open ticket is a card with a break-open window. The benefit of a break-open ticket is that you have more space for your message because the windows you could break-open could have a design at the front and at the back of the window. At this way you could make the receiver curious to the message behind the break-open part of the card.

Infinity card

The infinity card is called the infinity card because of the special way of folding. The infinity card could be printed at four sides therefore you could use four (different) designs at the infinity card. Through folding the card step by step the receiver will be surprised every time again.

Slide card

The slide card is a remarkable product with a high value of attention. A slide card makes the receiver curious to the message that shows up when the card slides open. Through using displays at the outside it is posible to adjust in the images with the sliding of the card, so every time the card would be extended a little bit another image shows up.

Pop-up card

The pop-up card is a marketing tool that is known for the elements that pop-up while opening the card. The pop-up card is producible in various forms and formats and is nowadays still a common used product for direct mailing campaigns.

Advent calendar

With the advent calendar you could live to Christmas with your clients and stay at their attention for 24 for days. Beside that you could also use the advent calendar to count down to another event like the opening of (a filial of) a store.

Lastly it is important that the direct mail has a clear message. To make sure that the receiver performs the right action it is important that a call-to-action is added to the direct mailing what makes clear the required reaction to the mailing. Add something to do for the receiver and for instance lead it to a website with a promotional code or a qr-code. Through using a qr-code what leads to a special landing page or a promotional code that could be filled in at a special landing page, it is more accurately to measure the response at the direct mailing.

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